About WAR Ink Apparel

WAR Ink Apparel was born from a want to have quality fashion printable merchandise available that we would want to wear ourselves. It's really that simple. We were tired of seeing our friends and family paying for inferior merchandise from some mega-corp who valued quantity over quality.

We run small batches of custom run art prints of hand crafted screen printed graphic T-shirts. We also produce Custom Printed T-shirts printed to designs we have worked on with our clients.

We started off by providing custom printing of shirts several years ago for some friends in local bands making some really cool music. They weren't getting quality print services and some of them couldn't get any service. We took some time with them to understand what they wanted and needed and developed a printing process that could benefit them with quality printed merchandise from a reliable source. 

Today, our shop has grown a bit. We are now printing on an Antec 6/6 manual press, an Aaron 8/8 press, several dye-sublimation printers (we use these for hard surface merchandise like coffee mugs, signs, glasses and more) heat presses (again for hard surface merchandise - we get occasional requests for photo prints on shirts and we will sometimes use the heat press and dye-sublimation process for these special orders) and we keep growing. We never realized that printing some shirts for a couple bands would end up in us collecting so much equipment!

We are able to print short orders (small orders from 1 to 12 pieces) of custom designed printed merchandise up to and beyond orders exceeding 3,000 pieces a day of output.

It's been an exciting journey so far - and seeing people wearing our designs at concerts and on the streets has been an amazing reward all of it's own. 

Thank you for taking the time to check out our page and we hope to see you wearing your WAR Ink soon!