WAR INK - Wood And Rags! 

We are an eco-friendly custom Screen Printing and woodworking shop located in Maryland. 

We ship and sell our shirts and wood craft worldwide with happy customers in Canada, France, Great Britain and the U.S.A. 

We provide custom screen printing and design work for brands, bands, corporate, small business and charitable events and gifting as well as the individual looking for a custom print. With our current setup we are capable of running over 30,000 prints a month and are gearing up to double our output in the near future.

On our woodworking side, we provide custom tables, desks, wall installations, wood signs and more. The majority of our work is made from found and reclaimed woods that we have sourced locally or from up and down the east coast of the United States. We are known to take trips to Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, North or South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia in search of wood from old buildings and demo projects that have a unique flavor lending additional character to our projects and our clients visions. 

All of our shirts and prints are designed, printed and shipped worldwide from Jefferson Maryland - Our woodworking projects are designed, fabricated and ship from our shop in Jefferson Maryland - with specialty installations throughout the United States