You know - it's hard to run a small business these days - especially when you need FaceBook to reach your potential customers and target demographic when your page has less than 500 or even 1,000 followers and you don't have deep pockets to buy advertising on Facebook every day. If that's the case, you are forced to settle for the 10% Potential Reach of every page. 

   When you have less than 500 or 1k followers FB doesn't let your posts get seen without paying for advertising beyond a 10% reach. Seriously - 10%. Go check your pages posts and see what your "reach" for your last 10 posts is then look at your total "likes" on that page and see how close to the 10% you land. Our last few posts on the WAR Ink FB page have been seen around a hundred times. We have less than 300 likes on the WAR Ink page currently and that puts us around 10 or 20 views per post or right around that wonderful 10% reach limit.    Ready for some magic?  If somebody shares a post - that number goes into the hundreds and even thousands within minutes and hours of it being shared because the original 10% reach is modified to reflect the new potential reach (FB page 10% reach + FB user +/- 18% reach = new potential post reach). Users are still caped at 5k friends which puts the maximum user’s friends reach at right around 900 views of shared and liked content.    We don't have a huge advertising budget and when we get a share - the results can be so much better than spending $ on Facebook advertising. No joke - I've been doing this for years - I've paid $10 for an ad and gotten 1,500 views and a dozen or so clicks into my sites which resulted in a few sales. In contrast I've gotten 3 or 4 shares on a post and had 2,500 views with 1, 2, 3 and even 400 clicks that went to the websites resulting in thousands of dollars in sales.  What does that mean?    When someone likes and shares a post - FB's algorithm assumes that the user actually "like's" the post and that means that FB's algorithm further assumes that the people who are friends with that user will probably like the shared post and allows a portion of them (+/- 18%) to see the post - and in turn, if a portion of them like and share the post FB's algorithm keeps adjusting the reach as its going. If you get lucky, sometimes it will take off like wild fire and go viral - we only had items go viral a couple times but it was awesome when they did and it was all because someone shared a post in the beginning - it had nothing to do with a paid FB advertisement.  So what am I going to do?    I'm going to help my friends who have shops, bands, brands and crafts or who are actors, actresses, photographers, designers, builders, teachers or just all-around good people get seen - why? Because they do great work and because they are awesome people who work hard as hell to make things better.  I believe in Karma. Sometimes karma kicks you in the teeth, other times karma lifts you up. I'm going to hope for the uplift and pre-pay it forward - if it comes - AWESOME - if it doesn't - that's ok I still get to feel better about being a human.

   Share your links on this post to your shop or your firends shops, bands, brands and crafts or who are actors, actresses, photographers, designers, builders, teachers or just all-around good people - and we will check them out and hopefully give them a lift as well.  What can you do?  I'm not a hippy - I'd just like to see people who work hard get results for all the effort without having to pay for falsely inflated momentary bursts of interest in the products or work they do because they paid for an advertisement and the overlords granted them limited access to a portion of the 2.4 Billion Global Monthly Active FB users available. If you like, comment and share posts from small businesses, shops, bands, brands, craftspeople, actors, actresses, photographers, designers, builders, teachers or just all-around good people - you are helping them by modifying FBs content control and using the mighty algorithm for them by giving the content directly to the users who should see it.   I don't mean that you should share the latest catchy "viral" video that's been shared 56k times in the last 24 hours. That video is probably a carefully crafted ad created by some corporate sniper to get Mega-Corp's brand in front of you in a sneaky manner - seriously - look beneath the post and check who originally "posted" the latest viral video that somehow found its way into your feed.     You want to help your friends? Download that "viral" clip and repost it on your friend’s business, band or brand page (with permission of the page owner of course) and then share the shit out of it from that page - take the viral lift away from the Mega-Corp that is using it to get to the front of FB's rankings (that's how they stay top-of-mind and how they get on your feed even more with other ad's and posts) - and give that viral uplift to the small business who needs it.

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